Thursday, February 9, 2017


We don't ever want to grow up!

Shooting this look gave me nostalgia to the days I was in Harajuku. It's sad to hear the subcultures in fashion are dying in Tokyo. What are we going to do when all the weirdos are gone?
Growing up, Japanese fashion and their subcultures was my main inspiration when it came to practically everything. I obsessed over it, and it became a part of my style as well as a part of me.

How many subcultures are there?
I can try to list them all, but that would take forever. That's how creative their fashion scene is, its inspiring. I guess I'm just a little scared that people will start conforming to one trend / one look. It's sad to see the creativity come to a holt.

I hope more weirdos pop up soon.


Collaboration w/  Larissa Lapin

Outfit Details

Top & Skirt Set:  Elfe in Our House
Shoes: Sole Wish
Backpack: WEGO

Pinapple Polo: Inu Inu
Shoes: Kldscp
Backpack: Sugarbaby Shoes / Dolls Kill

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  1. This shoot is so cute I love it. Love your whole blog actually!