Tuesday, March 29, 2016

In Time

Formalwear has become somewhat of a trend these days. Let go of the notion that blazers can only be worn in the office because structured fit is timeless, and in style. That's the great thing about timeless pieces-- you can never go wrong with them. That being said, the "school girl" trend has also been borrowed from the classic private school uniforms. If I'm going to be real, I got to say that I should never have thrown away my high school uniform. #Ragrets

About the brand(s):

Ro & De Noir is a high end women's clothing brand, focusing on minimals and essentials-- with the occasional edgy cut and/or style. They definitely know how to bring some life to their pieces. I'd describe their clothing as the essential, quintessential edgy business women's wear.

"A RO& DE NOIR girl knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it. We want to explore the attitude of "her", by looking at her style." ... She seeks to stand out and rise above but does so with a quiet confidence."

22 Shoes is a recently opened online shopping destination for shoes. 
Their current selection is great to either dress up, or dress down your coordinate. 
"We believe good shoes will take you to great places"
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What I'm Wearing: 

Nanda Heels by Two Two Shoes 
Luna Choker by Valfre


  1. I used to go to a private school, and back then I hated the uniforms, but now I'm so grateful to have them in the back of my closet!


  2. PErfect style and outfit as always!
    These heels are on top!