Thursday, February 18, 2016

Grey Intuition

Here's Part Two of my shoot at the Bailey House, Case Study #21. 
If you read my previous blog post, I gave a little history lesson on the Bailey House. 
Originally built in 1959, the house is a mix of both modern and contemporary. 
Pierre Koenig was a master of timeless and innovative architecture. 

When Zach and I spoke about our collaborative shoot, we kind of just trusted each other to show up with outfits that would complement each other-- and that's exactly what happened. It was a little surprising how well our looks coordinated with each other, with no specific planning that went into it. Call it a fluke, but it all turned out perfect! For this look, I matched a grey suit with no top, but with a harness.Who ever said you can't wear a harness with a pant suit? I made it happen, and it was the best decision ever. I'm truly in love with how the styling turned out! 

A little about the brand: ALIEN MOE
Alien Moe is an online store that sells hand crafted harnesses that can be custom fit to your specific measurements, all the way from Austria. This is my second time working with Alien Moe, and I could not be happier with the products she gifted me! If you're searching for a harness that is both creative and does not compromise quality, Alien Moe is the place to search! Her designs are non-constricting and always photo ready. 

What I'm wearing: 
Blazer by Miss Guided
O Ring Choker by Miss Guided
Lolli Harness by Alien Moe 
Crepe Trousers by Andreeva via The Odivo
Platform Heels by Young Hungry Free

What Zach's wearing: 
Shirt by Express 
Boots by Dr Martens


  1. loved how you added that little twist to this otherwise really professional look!

  2. You always look so cool and perfect, I really love this outfit.

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