Monday, February 29, 2016

All of the Lights

Here's Part Three of the Bailey House, Case Study #21. 
In my Part One, I explained about how the house was currently open to the public to display artworks from artists from Seoul, South Korea. This was the room that caught my eye, and drew me in. I'm going to write a little "disclaimer" - everything I've written about the current artwork being displayed is my own take on it. I could not find sufficient information on the artists, so I will be giving my own thoughts and interpretations based on my initial perspective! This room is amazing, and I wish it were my own. If you notice the lights mounted on the wall, they may remind you of the sea. To me, it can be a number of things -- or all of them combined. What I get from them are jellyfish, sea salt foam, bubbles, and the coral reef. Perhaps it was made with the intention to conjure feelings of the deep sea! 

I wanted to share a little about my childhood and my involvement in the ballet. This look took me back to the days where I was committed to ballet as a child. My mom originally signed me up to fix my pigeon feet, but I kept attending classes for the next 8 years. Ballet took up most of my childhood until I injured a muscle and decided to retire. Sometimes I wish I hadn't quit, and my lack of grace makes it quite unbelievable. But ballet will always be a part of me, and I still remember everything I learned from it. It was an experience I'm glad to have taken on for 8 years of my life. 

A little about the brand: MORPH8NE
This is my 3rd collaboration with Thai brand, Morph8ne. 
If you've been following my blog for a while, you probably already know this brand. 
I always preach about their amazing black & white minimalistic concept, and they're only getting better! I'm wearing their "Class Crop Top" that reads "GOTH" across the collar. I love the concept of their new collection. It's a bad ass, goth school girl themed collection that any girl could fall in love with!

What I'm wearing: 

Class Crop Top by Morph8ne
Sheer Organza Peplum Dress by SPINNS 
Black Peplum Shorts by Finders Keepers
Ballerina Flats by Qupid Shoes - Also avail at UO & Shop Jeen


  1. Beautiful as always, the only that I don't like the shoes, but all perfect!

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