Monday, January 18, 2016

Blank Canvas

I hope January is treating all you lovely humans well! Some news: I moved into a new place, and I will be starting Youtube this weekend! I'll be attending the Asian American Expo this weekend, which Anime Impulse is a part of. I'll be shooting my 1st ever vlog for my Youtube channel there, and hope to run into some of you there to feature in my video! On another note, it's still raining in Los Angeles and I'm loving every minute of it. The downside is that angelinos aren't so great at driving in the rain. Would it be possible for us to adapt? --haha 

The Odivo is an online site that carries women's luxury clothing brands.
Their style selection is strongly influenced by Ukrainian fashion designers -- "Ukrainian fashion plays an active part in contemporary art, and both fashion and art form local tendencies and help to create global trends." From minimal chic to runway couture, you can find it all at The Odivo. 

What I'm wearing: 
Free Cut Shirt by Flow via The Odivo
Black Culottes by Miss Guided  

Let me tell you a little about Ringly:
Ringly is a bluetooth ring that connects to your phone to bring you notifications. You can choose and customize your specific vibrations, colors, and apps. It's become a part of my everyday life, not to mention how innovative this product is. By releasing this ring, they have opened so many doors for both tech and fashion. Read more about them and the specifics on their website!
Use my code "ESSY10" for 10% off your Ringly


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