Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Let's talk fitness. I'd never been a big work out person, and I do prefer to laze around in bed over going to the gym. I mean, who doesn't? (Weird people) However, being active has helped me achieve so many things that I am grateful for. For starters, working out helps me get through the week organized. Creating a set schedule can be difficult, but I would consider my situation a little out of the norm. Because I do freelance work, every week is different for me. I usually never have a 'schedule' due to this, so it can be extremely easy for me to get unorganized. And trust me, It happens more than not. I don't know what it is about setting a work out schedule, but it has truly helped me get my shit together. Working out is exhilarating. It makes me feel good and gives me the energy to do everything else. You'd think working out would drain you of energy, but it does the exact opposite once you get into the groove. Fitness should be essential, even if it is as little as 30 minutes at a time. Sweating it all out flushes out toxins and promotes energy. Light exercises such as yoga can help with circulation and keep you fit at the same time. Don't underestimate yoga, it can get intense.

It's not about losing weight or looking good (although if it is, then you do you). It's about staying healthy and active, and leading a promising lifestyle. Let's get this straight-- lifestyle changes over diets. Do it right, treat your body like a temple. Hope this stirred up some inspiration!

The brand: Underlash Activewear
"Bold Activewear for Bad Ass Women"

I'm dressed in all things Underlash in this post. Underlash Activewear is a fitness brand that promotes healthy lifestyles, and offers super stylin workout gear. Might I add, that these are the -most- comfortable workout clothes that I have ever owned. It's high quality, breathable material, and soft on the skin. I'll be taking extra care of these!
Today is their soft launch, you can view their full collection by signing up for their mailing list. They'll be emailing you a password once you sign up, and you can then enter it on their site to gain early access! (Do it!!!)
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  1. omg, i wish i have your proportions <3
    and thanks for letting us know about this giveaway!


  2. Love this set! : )


  3. I finally got the chance to wear my new leggings on a run, and I was so incredibly impressed. Carbon 38 literally do not move, it's like a second skin. They are very tight and they are not see-through, I am perfectly happy with how good they are.