Monday, September 14, 2015

Soul Mate

I did a collaborate shoot with my good friend, Larissa. 
In a short amount of time, we've become really close. 
She's been such a sweetheart, she's the definition of a true friend.
It's surprisingly easy for me to open up to her about anything and everything. 
It may be easy to do that for some people, but for me its probably one of the hardest things to do. 
Larissa mainly dresses up in Lolita fashion, so I had the opportunity to dress her up myself!
If you can tell, she's wearing my clothes from head to toe. 
She looks amazing, and said I inspired her to buy the same shoes she's photographed in. 
Be sure to follow her on instagram! 


What I'm wearing

Bralette by Top Shop
Sweater by KYE
Skirt by Brandy Melville
Shoes by Deandri
Harness by Deandri
Choker by Valfre

What she's wearing

Inside Top by BooHoo
Sheer Crop Top by Miss Guided
Skirt by Deandri 
Shoes by Deandri
Harness by Deandri
Choker by Valfre