Thursday, September 10, 2015

Give me some Eye Candy - Geo Grang Grang Big Choco Circle Lens

Hello, dolls!
I'm here to review the "Geo Grang Grang Big Choco" Circle lens from EyeCandys
I chose to review this design for its enlargement factor, as well as its natural yet unique appearance. 
We all know how hard it is to tell what lenses will look like on our own eyes. 
Its happened before-- The stock photos are beautiful , but look completely different in person. 
This is why I choose my lenses wisely, although that may seem a little extreme. 
I focus on lenses with an outer ring that blends in well with the lens design.
I got lucky with this lens-- its natural yet unique, and quite enlarging.
Here we go!
These lenses are bigger than I expected-- A pleasant surprise. 
I personally cannot tell how big lenses are by the numbers listed on their product page. 
My normal lenses are much smaller than these, so it took a bit to get used to. 
If big lenses are your style, these are for you.
If not, there's a normal size version of these as well. 
The outer ring on these lenses are very apparent which I absolutely love. 
The inner design has a sort of *sparkle* effect -- 
there are bits of light brown, dark brown and everything in between. 

Geo Grang Grang BIG Choco 

Enlargement 10/10
-Enlargement is great, I personally wouldn't go any bigger to avoid looking like an alien. 
Because these lenses feature a dark outer ring, they're the perfect lens for a dolly look. 
Design 8/10
-I'm loving the color blend of these lenses. In light, the colors are noticeable but aren't so much when there isn't any light. Overall, these are the perfect natural-big dolly lens. 
Comfort 8/10
-These lenses are pretty comfy. I wouldn't wear them past 6 hours because my eyes are more sensitive than others but that depends on how your eyes are built.   

Purchase them here --

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  1. wow you look really beautiful with them o////o
    pretty design and colour!