Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Photography by Aaron Sinclair 

Let's talk photographers for the first time in well, ever. 
Aaron has been a good friend of mine for the past 3(ish) years. 
If you hadn't noticed already, he's extremely talented. 
He has an eye for minimalism, and his aesthetic drives me crazy (in a good way).
It's rare for me to find people I love to work with this much because well, 
I'm probably the pickiest person you'll ever meet when it comes to art and aesthetics. 
I applaud his work and how far he's come, and I only expect huge things from him. 

Check out his work here

It feels like summer is slowly fading away.
Everyone's flying back home, ready to hit "start" once again. 
I'm still on my journey, still living in summer, still hoping for better things. 
One thing I love and hate about life: you never know what the future entails. 
I can't help being cliché sometimes, but I need it to hold myself together. 

c/o with fashion blogger, Nün @nunstyleblog
Nün Visitsak is the designer of minimal/edgy brand, Nün Bangkok. 
She's also a fashion blogger and an amazing friend of mine. 
We've been in touch for two years now, 
but its a little difficult to hang out when you live half way around the world from each other. 
She flew all the way from Thailand to Los Angeles, making that the first time we'd ever met. 
We clicked instantly, it was like we were always friends. 
She's great, she's beautiful, she's talented--She's a keeper. 
I hope she comes back soon so I can smother her with love!

What I'm wearing

Bra top by Zhovak
Tennis Skirt by American Apparel 
White Creepers by TUK Footwear

Now's the time to wear white. 
Hold that thought. The time to wear white is -always-. 
You must know that I've been obsessed with wearing all white for the past year (or two).
Something about it is just so stunning. 
Don't be a snob, be more like Coco Chanel. Aka: Wear white. 


  1. These photos are kind of amazing. Your entire blog's aesthetic is just to perfect, I love everything you do! :p


  2. Awesome photographs! Loving your outfit too!

    Deasy Tantra

  3. it's great meeting and befriending like-minded people!
    lovely photographs and outfit like always ^^