Friday, August 7, 2015


I'm still in shock that summer's almost over. 
By the end of this month, it's donezo. 
I remember the beginning of June so clearly--its difficult to absorb this. 
Just give me a second. 
Soon, I'll be in denial that summer's coming to an end. 
I'll be screaming at the top of my lungs "Wake me up when September ends". 
Minor rant over.
Until next time!


Ghost of Harlem is a Japanese brand that you might have seen me wear before. 
This is my 3rd collaboration with the brand, and I'm loving their growing collections. 
Ghost of Harlem now ships worldwide on their newly launched website, 
separate from their Japanese one. 
Click the link below to learn more about them


Choker by Dolls Kill
Rockwood Platforms by Jeffrey Campbell 


  1. Ah, don't remind me! I've still got a month left, but my god am I going tob e busy :p I'll have basically no free time, because summer to me is not "do nothing and chill time" it's "do everything you can" time. Camps and classes and practice.