Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Throwing Shade

Life has its ups and downs, and that's how this summer has been for me. 
The unexpected hits you when you [literally] least expect,
 and sometimes you just have to let it all in, or out.
So much has changed, and I can't remember most of the days. 
And yet, there are so many things I need to do -- so much left in life to conquer. 
Time is precious, and I think it's time to be a little selfish. 
I'm going to make this summer my own. 
Don't pull my heartstrings, don't pull my levers. 

Featured Brand

Shade is a UK/London based brand with a rad street style concept. 
They take "street" to a different level with their cuts and patterns, 
introducing an innovation to minimalism. 

Featured Set

These two pieces are the perfect duo. 
I love wearing the bottoms under some short skirts. 
The top isn't too sheer, which is great to wear over a bra or bralette without looking scandalous.
Together or separate, both pieces can emphasize any outfit--a little "oomph" factor. 
What I'm hoping for is this set in white! *fingers crossed*

Outfit Details

Scully Heels in White by Jeffrey Campbell 
Choker by Creepy Yeha


  1. Oh My God I love this! I love anything to do with tennis, and this who black-and-white thing is just so perfect!


  2. your outfit looks so perfect! I love how your style is so unique and pretty!