Friday, July 10, 2015

Food For Thought

So its already July, and I've gone through some annoying things these past few weeks.
I've come to terms with life's troubles-- you really can't have it all, no matter how hard you try. 
Finding new motivation is hard, and I've been struggling with that fact. 
"Once you lose something, its gone" is what I've been repeating over in my head. 
The time has come, once again, to pick myself up. 
I hate these times, and I wish I'd never have to go through them. 
We learn from mistakes, even when they aren't our own. 

Featured Pieces 

"Klang" headphones in Black/Gold and White/Gold by Sudio Sweden

Sudio is a brand based in Sweden that sells professional headphones made to function with iPhones.
I've tried them out on both an Android and an Iphone, and the quality is beautiful on both. 
The volume button built on the headphones is the only function that does not work on the Android. 
The headphones come with 3 sets of ear buds in different sizes as well as a case to hold them in. 
They're easy to use without complications and did wonders for several of my long bus rides. 
Keep in mind that they're the type of headphones you wear behind your neck, not in front. 
I'd actually never encountered this kind of wear before, 
but it is surprisingly comfortable as the wires do not get tangled in anything in front of you. 
They're minimally invasive of your space in this way, and easier to manage. 

White Gold Seashell Necklace by Susanna Galanis 

As some of you may already know, I've been working with jewelry designer Susanna Galanis. 
Her designs are gorgeous--inspired by her Greek background, which makes them all the more unique.
This piece is part of her white gold collection and features seashells and a mermaid pendant. 
The layers come together to make it a statement piece. 
What's so great about her work is that every piece of jewelry can -make- a look. 
Take away the necklace and this outfit would not be the same. 

Scoop Back Faux Leather Moto Jacket by Members Only

Members Only has a reputation for being the all star of jackets since the 70's. 
I've always been an admirer of the brand, especially of their original windbreakers. 
This moto jacket is -the- jacket to have in your closet. 
It's a staple piece to have in your wardrobe, no questions asked. 
It goes with everything whether you want to dress up or down. 

Outfit Details 

Maxi Dress by Halseyan
Granny Sunglasses by Wildfox Couture
Wide Brim Hat by Style Nanda
Faux Sure Mule by YRU


  1. beautiful look as always!

  2. Amazing photos! Beautiful you and your outfit <3