Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sushi Dreams

I finally started a Youtube!
 I've already uploaded an awkward video but at least its something! 
You can see my channel by clicking the link "Youtube" on the navi bar on top of my blog.
I'm looking forward to Anime Expo and will finally be cosplaying. 
It might not be immaculate but I'm just doing it for fun. 
I might tone it down with the color for a while...
However, its been fun experimenting with so much of it. 
I've been studying some more ASL, but I'm not conversational quite yet. 
As of now, I know a bunch of random and basic words as well as basic phrases. 
Going back to the Youtube thing, I'd love to create an introduction video for you guys!
If you could maybe ask me a few questions, like a mini faq, that would be so helpful. 
Excited to join a new platform!
Until next time~

Featured Piece

Minga London is an online based clothing store that mainly sells graphic and print clothing. 
Their designs are loud and spunky as you might already be able to tell from my outfit. 
This set is super cute and funky--just don't wear it to a sushi restaurant (or do?)
This set is a one size fits all, meaning S,M,L
It does stretch quite a lot, and the fabric is meant to be stretched without ripping. 
It's super soft and comfortable to wear-- a win/win!

Outfit Details

Scully Heels in White by Jeffrey Campbell via Nasty Gal
Vintage Cardigan from Pop Killer Second