Sunday, June 7, 2015


Hey Ya'll!
How have the first few days of June been for everyone?
For me, it's been hard to stay pale when the sun has been beaming down on me. 
But that's not anything I can't handle as I do deal with it year round living in LA, haha.
I've been so lazy for the past 2 weeks--I gotta hit the drawing board and sketch up some new stuff. 
I'm also planning on renovating my art studio into a photo studio...
to bring you guys some rad beauty/makeup tutorials (and to hopefully start my youtube soon)!
I've actually been cleaning my room every chance I can get.
In fact, I'll probably resume after I'm done writing this post!
I just keep finding clutter everywhere I look-- very tiring for the neat freak inside of me.
It's hard being proactive and doing a million things all at once. 
How do you deal?!

Featured Piece

Mario Bomber by French Designer, Cécile "The Japan Hime"

Outfit Details

Dress by Morph8ne
Garters by Bettie Fatal 
Luna Choker by Valfre
Faux Sure Mule Heels by YRU

Photos by JWNY