Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lens Village Review - Fairy 1 day Natural Black Lenses

I'm reviewing the Fairy 1 day Natural Black Lenses from Lens Village. 
I'd highly suggest ordering from Lens Village. 
They have a variety of lenses, and offer quick and cheap shipping via FedEx. 

Theses lenses are a 1 day lens, which is perfect if you're new to circle lenses. 
If you're worried you might look alien-ish, these would be a good lens to start off with. 
Because they're 1 day, they are disposable and easy to wear. 
They're extremely comfortable and have caused me zero irritation. 
They aren't very enlarging, but enhance the natural contours of your eye's limbus.
Since everyone's eyes are different,
 it might be hard to judge how big these lenses would look on other people. 
For me, these lenses are about as big as my natural irises. 
Although they're about the same size, they do give my eyes a bolder look. 
I love them because they are so natural looking. 
They are the perfect eye-enhancing pick me up with a natural feel. 
I would highly suggest these for everyday wear. 
I know I'll be wearing these everyday for a while!

Comfort 10/10
(No irritation, doesn't feel like anything)
Enlargement 1/10 
(Not much enlargement for a natural look)
Design/Color 10/10 
(Natural blending design)

The design of these lenses blend in very well with my eyes. 
My eyes are naturally brown, and the lenses allow my brown to fade into the black. 
I'd more likely suggest this color to darker eye colors like my own. 

Buy them here: 

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