Tuesday, April 28, 2015

To my dismay

Featured Pieces

Jewelry by Susanna Galanis 
F15 "Persephone" Collection

These necklaces are divine, much like their design concept. 
Crafted after Persephone, the goddess of the underworld,
 SG's new collection couldn't be more perfect for me. 
Follow SG on Instagram - @SusannaGalanis

Split Personality Pants in Grey by Young Hungry Free 

These pants are super comfy and lightweight, perfect for Spring and Summer. 
If it gets hot, the leg split will give you a breezy/stylin duo. 
Short girls, beware! These pants will drag on the floor without some lift. 
The quality is great, and the same goes for all their products.
Live young, hungry, and free!
Instagram - @YoungHungryFree

Outfit Details 

Cher Top by Unif 
White Hansel Platforms by Deandri 

It's only been a week since break has started and I'm already sick!
I guess I saw this coming. I was wondering how on earth I didn't get super ill during term. 
Thankyou body, for not breaking down on me when I needed you the most. 
AKA- Thanks for waiting until after finals to break down on me. 
I have so much planned for my break, but I'll catch up on that once I'm better. 
Thinking: Youtube
Thoughts: Yay or Nay?

On another note--
I've been having the most radical dreams lately.
I think it's this cold getting to my head. 
I'm delirious while I'm awake AND while I'm in dream mode. 
Long story short: I beat up some dude in my dream last night. 
I'm a tough cookie. 

Until next time!


  1. ^^♪ )

  2. Oh my god, these pants are adorable! i like the lace so much, and they look so lightweight and gentle like a silk!
    Of course I can't miss the fact that they're matching your fabulous hair color so much!
    And the round glasses and black necklace looks so vintage and suit you!


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  4. love your fashionnable price

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