Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Soul Searching

Still got 2 more weeks to go--
Everything feels so rushed all of a sudden. 
I'm thinking of making a book or a zine of some sort to showcase some of my artwork once the term is over. 
This week, my professor told us to "feel the heat"--everything's getting so serious. 
But what is life without competition and pressure, right?
I wish I could just melt away sometimes and escape from all the stress. 
My thoughts seem to be eating me up alive. 

Featured Pieces by Nasty Dress

Nasty Dress is an affordable fashion site with a lot of variety in style.
My favorite of the set I've styled is the silver ring set, only $4 dollars.

Outfit Details 

Pants by Nasty Gal
Relics Hat by Unif
Heels by Jeffrey Campbell 

Photos by Heidi Nguyen

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  1. you look stunning once again!