Friday, March 13, 2015


I guess my body's stressed out from no sleep because I haven't been waking up to any of my alarms this week. I've overslept 2 days in a row--a surprising 20 hours of sleep. How does that even happen?
To be honest, it happens to me a lot. Maybe it has something to do with genetics, because my mom used to sleep as much as this when I was younger. I remember not hearing from her in 2 days and I thought she'd passed away in her sleep or something. I ran to her room and shook her as hard as I could, and all she did was yawn and say she was still sleeping. 
Nutty, huh?
Well, I just hope I can wake up at a regular hour from now on because I still have a lot of work to do. 
I'm a little scared for my health right now...
but I'll make it through. 

Featured Piece: White Creepers by TUK Shoes
I've been a long time fan of TUK--since I was 13 to be exact.
I remember my first pair of creepers were from Hot Topic (lol). I was that one weird goth kid at school. A lot of people used to make fun of me for wearing creepers, and when I told them they were called "creepers", they'd laugh and be like "what?". A few years later and they're in Nylon and now they're just a normal thing to wear. What is life. 

Outfit Details: 

White Pygamy Top & Shorts by Nün Bangkok
(use my code "ESSY10" for 10%off sitewide) 
Suspender Harness by Deandri 
DIY Choker 

Photos by Nicole Kim


  1. really love this look! it makes me want to wear my creepers, too lol

  2. ^^♪ )

  3. I should feel lucky then to have overslept only about three times so far since I've started working (one being today), almost two years ago now. My! Two days straight of just sleep? Either workaholics much or definite pure genetics, haha. Here's to you getting well & getting that sleep pattern worked out. Effin #blameDaylightSavings #blameDST LOL!

    I've always been curious of creepers once ever since overlooking the obvious stigma with them: 'only for goths & dark-clothed kids' haha. I think it's something about the platform (and I have a thing for platforms)...I'll give them a shot one day~

    Nice read, by the way~

  4. Love your creeper and all those white outfit, especially your hair, and yup may you should go to the gym sometimes to fresh your body :)

  5. YES for being the one weird goth kid at school hahahah.