Monday, March 30, 2015

Miss Guided

2 more weeks to go!
I'm falling behind schedule. 
Last week, I was completely back on track.
It's funny how a few days can make or break your schedule. 
I was terribly sick for those few days of no work.
I still don't understand how I've been able to work so hard for such long periods of time.
I plan on going ham this weekend and finishing everything--or as much as I can handle. 
Starting next week, I'll (hopefully) have more free time if this weekend goes as planned. 
I feel like I'm re-iterating my to-do list in mini essay from right now. 
Side note: I think I'm addicted to coffee now
No bueno, dudes.

Featured Piece 

This cape adds a formal cross edgy vibe to any outfit. 
It's comfortable and thin, so it's easy and simple to wear. 
It has no shoulder pads, so it doesn't give it too much of a business attire look. 

Outfit Details 

Strappy Heels by Jeffrey Campbell 
Vintage Lace Dress
Cat Ear Bowler Hat

Photos by Nicole Kim

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