Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Existential Fantasy

Here comes the weird--
I've been experimenting with my shoots lately. 
There's always something I want more of, and that tends to be the all the weird stuff. 
Well, 4 more weeks to go!
Ive been sick, and its honestly been really hard to keep it. 
I wish I had a time turner to catch up on life.
Sometimes I pray for magic to be real, then I realize I sound crazy. 
Well, time to go back to work!

Outfit Details

Collared Crop Top by Style Moi
Bones Tribe Panel Shorts by Skingraft Designs
Boyle Platform by Unif 
Necklace by Rocks Box 

Photos by Ryan Kim


  1. I love your pictures, they are awesome ! And your look is amazing, too !


  2. one of the most beautiful photoshoots I have seen In a while!
    gorgeous outfit

  3. Cute skirt :) M&MFASHIONBITES
    Maria V.