Friday, February 27, 2015

So Long

Midterms are over! 
It's been a stressful 7 weeks of incessant work, but I'm really glad I got through it. 
7 more weeks to go! It's going to be twice as intense as the first half of the semester, but my break afterwards will be so worth the struggle. 
I'm still deciding on which path to take in my oncoming career. 
I'm definitely having something like an almost quarter life crisis at the moment. 
I don't even have time to watch Netflix in bed anymore, and in my head I'm thinking: "Is this what my life is going to be like?" 
It's a bit of a premature thought to have, but I just get overly obsessed with my work that it's sort of become a lifestyle habit. 
Give me some time off, pleeeaaaase! 

Outfit Details 

Featured Piece: Clip Pants in White by Long Clothing 
These pants are everything. They're my absolute favorite pair of pants in my wardrobe. 
They're so unique and complement my style completely. 
They're both minimal and intricate in style and they're white-- I feel like these pants were made for me! 
These pants incorporate buckles that attach to a fanny pack and an apron. 
You can move the pieces to the front or the back of the pants, or you can take them off completely because they are detachable. 
The quality is amazeballs (did I just use that word?) and I won't be taking these off anytime soon.

Collared Crop Top by Miss Guided
Clear Collness Harness by Deandri
Bull Cap in White by OS Accessories 
Boyle Platform by Unif 

Photos by Nicole Kim 


  1. Those pants looks so stylish!
    And it's pretty cool that it comes with the detachable parts to change up the look effortlessly ^^

  2. ^^♪