Sunday, February 22, 2015

Guilty Pleasure

The second I put this outfit on, I thought "witch". 
This reminded me of Supernatural, the show I've been obsessed with watching lately.
I don't really understand my obsession with these types of shows, but I get really hooked on anything with some type of supernatural creature involved. 
That being said, you might assume I'm a major Harry Potter or Twilight fan..
But you guessed wrong. Muahaha!
I watch a lot of Vampire Diaries and Supernatural at the moment but not much else. 
To be frank, all of my other shows got cancelled. 
I guess there aren't a lot of people who enjoy this kind of stuff, eh?

Outfit Details: 

--Featured piece of this look--
Lila Dress by Klasik

The Lila Dress is a simple black, chiffon dress with a touch of romanticism.
The sleeves are widened which I love.
It gives the dress a boho cross witch vibe.
 The back has a body chain detail which makes it truly unique. 
It is super comfortable to wear and the back surprisingly does not get tangled easily. 

Relics Hat by Unif
Rings by Style Moi
Granny Sunglasses by WildFox Couture

Photos and Hair by Nicole Kim


  1. You're so perfect, it hurts. Love the outfit and the boots especially!

    - Lola /

  2. hey your wardrobe looks awesome especially the jeans and your looks made your clothing more beautiful.

  3. looking gorgeous perfect outfit OMG the shoes nice.
    Apple TV Jailbroken

  4. Fantastic Look !!

    From Poland With Love !!

  5. oh my goodness! I ADORE THIS LOOK. <333