Tuesday, February 10, 2015


It feels like it's been ages since I posted something on my blog.
It's school's fault/life's fault--I got 15 hours of homework per class and I'm struggling to get by. 
I've been a bit down in the dumps recently. 
I've been noticing this day by day, as a lot of negativity has been clouding my judgement. 
It's two months too late, but my new years resolution is to think positively and to stop being such a negative Nancy. That being said, I haven't had much time to shoot around because I'm so focused on school at the moment. I need to earn back that year I took off with blood, sweat and tears. 
I've always been hard on myself in these kinds of situations.
It's a blessing, but it also messes with my head a lot of the time. 
As for my Instagram, I hope you've enjoyed seeing more of my daily life. 
I've been taking nothing but photos of food, so now you guys get to see the true fatass in me. 
I'll be taking more suggestions for blog posts soon!
It's great to hear from you guys. 
Until next time--

Outfit Details 
Grid Dress by Style Moi
Moto Jacket by Style Moi 
O Ring Necklace by Miss Guided
Granny Shades by Wildfox Couture
Boyle Platform by Unif 

Photos by Jae Lee


  1. d'aw the last photo of you smiling is so cute!


  2. Mmm, you look so tasty, baby ... and I get hungry (for your pussy)! This sexy short dress just drive me crazy! Your bare legs make my cock so hard, baby ... I just wanna lift your mini-dress and put my cock between your legs, then fuck your sweet little pussy and shoot my sperma inside!

  3. Yes, baby ... I agree with Sandy - you've got so charming smile!!!

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  5. Those UNIF boots!! I want them so bad T_T Yet they are so expensive *cries*
    You're back to school? What are you studying? ^^
    Don't give up :3 You're young and there's a whole life ahead of you so just enjoy the ride with a smile ^^ (I am talking like I am older then you when I am actually younger lol)
    and you have a beautiful smile :)

    1. Thankyou so much for your kind words <3