Friday, December 26, 2014

Los Angeles Winter

I find it amusing that we only really had one week of "winter" in Los Angeles so far.
The weather was in the 70s for the most part up until late November. We then had some 'genuine' winter weather in the 50s--and those who live elsewhere are probably laughing at us so hard.
I was actually really enjoying our "winter" until one day it decided to be 80 degrees again.
What's up with Los Angeles and its bi-polar weather?!
However, this day gave me the perfect opportunity to shoot my bathing suits.
It was so hot that my wet hair was pretty much dry at the end of this first look after it had been drenched in water.
How are you guys coping with the winter? I'm so envious because I love the cold. 

A List Bikini by DAR BE DAR
Bel air sunglasses by Wildfox
Sandals by Young Hungry Free

Photos by Gabe Oh 

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