Saturday, November 29, 2014

Incessant Heat

Here's a typical LA outfit, brought to you by yours truly. It's finally getting cold here--not really. It's still hot as hell, and while 70 degrees might seem cold to us, I'm dying for some cold air to set in. Here's what happens to us every winter: It gets hotter. While I love living in LA, the heat has never been for me. I fall asleep to the cold, not to the heat or to whatever "normal" temperature is to an LA native. Those air conditioner/keeping students alert plan never worked with me--I always ended up falling asleep when the air turned on. Please come winter, PUH LEEEZ.

Top - Nun Bangkok
Jeans - Style Moi
Origami Beanie - The Golden Heart Store
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell 

Photos by Daniel Hyon