Saturday, October 25, 2014

Blanc Sur Blanc

I'm currently obsessed with mesh, but who isn't? I remember having a black mesh jacket in the 6th grade and adults telling me I was wearing something way too risqué. As a result, that jacket ended up in the bin. I still miss it, and am still disappointed in my 6th grade self for letting someone else's thoughts get into my head. But how great is it that I got my hands on these amazing mesh pieces?! 
*Cameo(s) made by my puppy, Rocky.
He's a toy maltese, and he purrs like a cat.

"Jillian" Mesh Jacket by Fashion Bloggerrr
Lane Splitter Leggings by Nun Bangkok 
C.C Harness by Alien Moe
Sandals by Young Hungry Free 

Photos by Gus Ramirez