Monday, August 4, 2014

Don't Color Me

I'm kind of really loving this outfit, courtesy of Lex+Mila.
Slowly but surely my style has been changing, progressing. Just last year, I was all about crosses and skulls to match my passion for rock n roll. I've learned a lot in the past year. We never really seem to realize how much change we go through in a year's time. I cleaned out my closet recently, and the color scheme consists of white, black, red, and some neutrals (with a tinge of pastels). I'm happy to say that my style is changing--and for the better. It's been hard coordinating outfits these days because I donated more than half of my clothing to the Good Will. Don't be surprised if I stick with monochrome for a while. It's my new ish. 

Top & Bottoms from Lex Mila 

Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell