Monday, July 21, 2014

Into the Wild

I used to live in the valley--My family and I were forced to move out of our house when I was a child due to financial issues. I remember kicking and screaming, not being able to let go of my home of thirteen years. Although it was an hour drive every night, I could never get tired of the nature, the view, and the clear skies. What I miss the most are the stars I could see every so clearly. I hope to move back one day in the future to suffice my nostalgia...

Sports bra - Halseyan , Eyeball Sweats Mart of China , Sneakers - YRU 

Photos by Zae Lee


  1. Wow. These photos are simply enchanting! The first photograph is definitely my favourite, you look lovely and like you belong in that space (does that make sense?)
    I'm sorry about you being forced out of your home. I know what that is like and it is a terrible feeling leaving a place of comfort. xx

  2. So much on your mind yet still super-stylish xx

  3. oh pls *-* I've got the same pants but all black
    wow > < I hope you can back too cutie