Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bubblegum Drop

I'm feelin' somewhat like sailor moon in these photos, the earrings must've done it. I'm not sure that I've been exposed to this much color before! It's actually much more pink than color, rather. We all have those days when we gotta feel like a bubblegum princess...well, that's my excuse. 

By the way -- If you haven't noticed already, you'll see some symbols on the shirt I'm wearing that might seem "offensive" or what not. Please don't be so quick to judge! This shirt explains the original meaning of the peace symbol, currently viewed in a negative light as a swastika. If you're interested, be sure to look into the brand of the shirt.

Photos by Jawny @jwny
Earrings - Haus of Love , Tights - Avantgarde x Chocomoo , Shirt - Spiritual Punx

I've now started linking the sites of where the items I'm wearing are from!
xoxo, Essy


  1. Omg absolutely love this look! You pull it off so easily

  2. Such an amazing outfit, you make it looks effortless and beautiful!!


  3. Oh my gosh I adore this combo - you look great! :D xx

  4. Love this! I want that pink jacket <3

  5. omg i want to know so badly where you got the sheer dress on top of it all/what brand ive been looking for ages for something like that