Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pretty in Pink

Photos by Karen Chen @karennchen
Top: United Couture @unitedcouture Bottoms: Purrr @purrrjunko Shoes: YRU 

Jewelry: chain by H&M 

I made use of my surroundings -- these shots were taken in my now drained out pool. My initial reaction was "Ahh ! I need to scrub my shoes clean afterwards !" It's still the winter (technically, that is), but I decided it was time for some pastels and florals. Enjoy the rest of winter ! Here in Los Angeles, it's pretty much reached summer weather already - as usual. Lucky me ? Not really, still missing the cold Tokyo nights. 


  1. you are soo gorgeous, i am always looking forward to your outfit posts essy! :D


  2. You look amazing in pink. Beautiful :) I love it *_*
    I invite you to me;