Monday, June 10, 2013

"Here Comes The Sun" & Alice, Dear on Etsy

Completely in LOVE with my Cobra Shop crop top I got from the Memorial Weekend sale !
Top from The Cobra Shop ->
Chokers from The Cobra Shop as well
Shorts & heels by UNIF
Shoe garters by Creepy little girl ->
Coffin ring by Alice, Dear ->
Blogger mail from Alice, Dear on etsy !
1. Pink Coffin Ring
They have a bunch of different colors -- some in pastels, and some in "goth" colors. All handmade, just like everything in her shop ! The ring is super cute, shall I dare to say "kawaii"... Slightly embarrassed, but I had to say it. The ring is adjustable and super sturdy and well made !
2. Bat clips
These also come in different colors and are super fucking adorable. They work well, and are not cheap nor are they flimsy. They have tiny little rhinestones on them for a girly touch, and can also double as shoe clips !
3. Ribbon Choker
Her chokers are so fucking cute -- excuse my profanity. They have a pastel goth esque kind of feel to them due to the ribbon and choice of color. They're super clean and well-made, and also comfy to wear  unlike many chokers !

Gen, the owner of Alice, Dear is super nice and I am honored to have received goodies from her shop. Everything is hand-crafted to kawaii perfection, and her shop deserves some more popularity. Please go support her store at !! And shop her other adorable creations !
I will post more product photos soon !

Photos by my talented friend John Garduno -> // @johnsphotos (instagram)

Please HYPE on lookbook ! xoxo Essy

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