Monday, May 6, 2013

Fragile Pony

Look: Glad News skull bra top, Unif mermaid skirt, Unif creature coat, Unif Hellbound shoes
Flower harness & Spiked knee cuffs from Fragile Pony ->

Photos by my good friend John Garduno
Please support him and his amazing talent at
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Fragile Pony is a self-run online shop on storenvy.
I can't get enough of my harness, knee cuffs, and headband that I received as #bloggermail from FragilePony ! Everything is well-crafted and secure aka this is quality stuff and you should go to her store and buy all her cuteass shit !
More product detail photos:

I am in LOVE with everything FragilePony has sent me. Please go support her shop !
She has amazing creations, and her small shop deserves good business.
Until next time !
xoxo Essy


  1. This is my favorite photos of the year! Can I repost on my favorite fashions of the year "look book" on my blog? I'm absolutely in love with everything your wearing. Especially the chest spike accessory, and knee accessory.

    1. Sure ! Just be sure to credit me and my blog ! <3

  2. gorgeous outfit!

    Hayley xx