Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Buy My Shit !

Hi there babydolls, 

I'm selling my shit -- and I will add more clothes/accessories to the list as the days go by. 
Please visit essynoir.storenvy.com ! 
All my stuff is 100% Authentic (if brand name) and the prices are fair for the cost I bought them for. 
Shipping within the US is $6-11depending on how heavy/big the item is and usually comes within 2-3 days. If you are an international buyer, the shipping varies from $12-30USD(or maybe more)... I'm sorry, I'm not in charge of those nasty shipping fees ! 
I include a tracking number for every package sent out ! I also ship within the week you place your order.
I'm jobless and I need money to buy my daily boba (LOL) :( I am a student, and no, my parents do NOT pay for my shit, so I'm selling my shit ! Please buy my things, and I'll love you forever ! I would not sell my things if I didn't need the money, so please help a girl out ! 
Here are some item photos !
Mint bat leggings - $35

All Lilac & All White creepers - Up for sale SOON

 Shibuya 109 Brand "Min Plume" Crop top & Pleated bow shorts - Up for sale SOON
WC Wakatsuki Chinatsu Kumatan leopard print socks - $10

Tutuha / Glavil by Tutuha bat wing waist belt, Plaid skirt, & cat beanie (3 colors) - Up for sale SOON

More up for sale very soon ! & even more products are on my storenvy right now !!
VISIT essynoir.storenvy.com

If anyone is especially interested in a product that is not up for sale yet, don't hesitate to email me at essypark@gmail.com ! Please title the message with the product name !

Xoxo, Essy