Monday, February 18, 2013

♡♡ Valentines Day ♡♡

Hello dearies ! ♡ Did everyone have a good Valentine's Day ?
Whether you have a significant other or not, I hope you all had a successful day.
My Valentine's Day was a treat ! The day was also my boyfriend and my 16 montherversary ! It turned into more of a Valentine's weekend for us, and everything has been amazing...other than me catching the stomach flu ☹ But my beau took care of me all weekend long. It was the usual laying in bed together all day and night watching American Dad on netflix...and then getting out of bed to smoke some hookah. What did you guys do ?

My boyfriend and I decided to do a cute Valentine-themed photo shoot. Here are some of the photos that I thought were pretty. Props to our fab photographer !
Forgot to mention... New hair ? It looks purple grey in the photos...but it's BLUE grey ! Purple doesn't want to escape me !!! AHHHH !!!! (Do I smell a hair dye blog post in the future ?)

Mickey/Minnie hats from DisneyLand
Red heart sunglasses from Melrose Trading Post
Jewelry from Fernoppa, Chevron Royale, Necromance, Sex Pot Revenge
Red belt from the 1980's (my mother's closet)
Flower headband from Spinns Harajuku

Slipknot Tee, Leather Jacket, Black cut offs, Red Plaid Flannel, Demonia Creepers
Red Bralette(UO), Black Lace Shorts(PURRR), Organza Overlay Dress(ROMANTICSTANDARD), Stockings, Knee Hi-s, Platform Boots

There are many other photos...So a Pt. 2 will commence very soon !
Hope ya'll enjoyed this post.
xoxo ♡ Essy