Friday, January 4, 2013

♡Happy 2013♡ + Winter Break

New Year, New Hair ?
I decided to get rid of the purple -- but not forever ! My new color is a duller purple, with a hint of pink. It photographs a dull hot pink/magenta color.

During the first few days of my winter break, I had the lovely opportunity of partaking in a photoshoot with the amazing photographer, Erskine from San Francisco. This shoot was taken in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. One of the photos was featured on the Tokyo Fashion facebook page ! If you guys want a separate blog post on this shoot and the coordinate, please do not hesitate to ask on here or on tumblr through the ask button. (:


So what have I been doing ? ......

More Eating....

More Eating.... (That's my boyfriend's cookin' ! )

I also celebrated the New Years with some family customs.
Saw the bestie for a few days, went on some double dates, hung out with the band,

Decide to draw a bit,

I've also been trying to spend as much time with my boyfriend as I can... He's busy as a bee !
Feels like we're already married....I love him so much

Xoxo, Essy♀♡