Friday, December 28, 2012

Tokyo Adventures, Harajuku

 I'm so sorry that I've been lagging... I've started college at Art Center, and it is no joke, indeed.

Anyways, here are some photos from my trip. Enjoy !

Welcome to Harajuku, Tokyo ! The subcity in Tokyo with the most outrageous fashion statements, along with the most innovative hair and art lifestyle. Although it gets crowded here, it'll always be my favorite part of Tokyo.

Pt 1: Takeshita Dori (takeshita st.)
This street is famous for their crepes and crazy fashion stores. 
Entrance to Takeshita dori -- You can already get a vibe of spunk from the colorful sign.
To the left of the sign is "TAMADEPA", the official store of Tamagachi.

Along Takeshita street is "Marion Crepes". Harajuku is famous for their delicious crepes !

Someplace upstairs, lies this quaint cafe that I unfortunately forgot the name of.

A noted "visual-kei" store, "Sex Pot Revenge" is spotted within a deep corner.

And of course, you can find a purikura center on Takeshita.

Pt 2: Harajuku Dori (harajuku st)
As Takeshita st comes to an end, across the street is where the fun continues ! You will reach a cross walk where you may enter Harajuku st.

It's a much more low-key street compared to Takeshita, but here are where you may find the best stores in the city.

A few steps into the street, and you'll have come across "AVANTGARDE", a legwear boutique that has recently been gaining popularity. You must go down some stairs in order to reach the store and along the wall are some signatures from celebrities that have come to shop. I spy Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, anyone ?

You'll also find the well known "6% DOKI DOKI" on this street.

We also came across this store-- the alien on display definitely caught our attention.

Just a little further down Avantgarde is a store called "NADIA".

Just across from Nadia is "Romantic Standard", a cute boutique where I bought many cute clothes for very cheap !

Pt 3: La Foret
La Foret is the famous mall of Harajuku that holds many well known Japanese brands.

Inside of the's bustlin' !

An "oshare-kei" type of store you'll find here is "Listen Flavor", which also has a location on Takeshita st.

An edgy/street fashion store, "Monomania"

A beautiful jeweler's, "Justin Davis"

Unfortunately, I did not take many more photos here.

Pt4: Around the city


An american-themed cafe, "Jonathans"

I hope you enjoyed this post ! xo Essy


  1. It looks so aaaawwweeesssssoooommmmeeee!!! I can't wait to go to japan!

  2. So cute! I so wanna go back to Japan >,<

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  3. I wanna be shopping in all that shops! XD

  4. awwww i love your style and your pics!

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  6. Sugoooooiii><
    when visit Tokyo, I will take some pics for Harajuku style and cosplay...
    and of course, Gyoza !