Saturday, August 18, 2012

Twins ♡♡♡ Essy & Juria

It started off with a ton of tumblr anons telling me that I look like a Japanese street snap girl named Juria. Then, it went to my friends linking me to her photos to show me  my twin. And there she was, inside of a store called Avantgarde in Harajuku that my friends and I walked into to browse and shop. A lot of people have been wondering how we became close, and here's how the story goes...

My friends and I walked into Avantgarde and Juria was working. My friend pointed her out and I needed a photo with her to show everyone that I met my infamous twin. We went back to Avantgarde the following day or a few days later I believe, for my friend who wanted to buy something from the store that she'd seen the previous visit. Juria remembered us and asked if she'd be able to have dinner with us soon. We contacted through email-text and twitter, and planned on a lunch date in Harajuku.

We took purikura at takeshita dori; It was mushi atsui !!

We then went to a cafe nearby. Rio got Asahi beer, Skylar got a latte, and Juria and I both got milk tea.

Juria invited us to a club in Aoyama, but I wasn't able to make it due to my early morning flight TT.TT
We're still keeping in touch through social media and mostly instagram...

People in Harajuku were staring and pointing at me, thinking I was Juria (soo hilarious) ! A guy came up to me and said "Juria, Juria !" and I had to say "Juria janai..." LOL She is the twin sister I never had and always wanted ♡

I visited her one last time to say goodbye, and she gave me a discount off super cute stockings !
Juria is so cute and so sweet, it shocked me how friendly she was. Until my next trip to Japan, I will forever miss her. 



  1. omg you are so lucky to have met Juria! aww bless!
    ahh so cute!
    Krissy xoxo ~

  2. wow I've never heard of Juria but the resemblance is striking o_O you guys really do look like twins :) I love both your fashion sense!

  3. w0w ,_,
    I actually had no idea who Juria was prior to your Instagram photos but the resemblance is striking. I'm definitely jealous haha. Hope you guys meet again someday. <:

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  5. Aw man! That is super awesome that you got to be friends with her! ^^ I really enjoyed this story. You're so lucky!!

  6. I just found your Blog it's so lovely ! I will follow you :>

  7. wow this is amazing you met Juria! omfasfghjkl;

  8. Loving your blog! I'm a new reader by the way<3


  9. WOW WOW!! I found your blog!
    I love lots of photographs of your in Tumblr! I follow your blog sweety!
    Really lovely!
    Kisses! n.n

  10. Hahaha I just found your blog and kept thinking exactly that - you are Juria's twin, surely?? This was such an awesome story.