Saturday, July 14, 2012

Adventures in Seoul pt 2

 Greetings from Seoul, my lovelies ! 
 I went to the Namsan Seoul Tower, and on our way up, we went through this beautiful tunnel !
 This is the view from however far down we were. It took forever to walk up there ! If you're looking for a good workout, go visit this tower and WALK it. But if you'd rather not...there's also a cable car that can take you up there. 
 At Namsan, there's this HUGE wall of charms/locks that lovers/couples come to "lock" or "seal" their love in. It's like a good luck charm kind of thing for their relationship. The wall stretches all the way down and it turns onto another wood rising where they have benches, lamps, and a view of the city. 
 Couples put their purikuras on the lanterns and some even put their charms/locks on the lantern pole ! They write their names/initials/etc on their charms. 
This was the view of the city on our way up to Namsan. It's truly gorgeous ! I love the cityscape.

I'll write to you very soon, but until next time , xoxo 


  1. I love your photographs Essy! ^^

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