Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ghost of Harlem x Essy Noir

I've been trying to follow everyone's suggestions for new things you'd like to see me blog. 
I can happily cross one thing off the list, as I am currently collaborating with Japanese Gyaru brand, Ghost of Harlem. 
Ghost of Harlem is located in Shibuya, Tokyo. 
Their style concept is that of a punk/goth vibe with girly elements. 
If you're in Los Angeles, their line is coming to the boutique, Xenon in Little Tokyo. 
Ghost of Harlem is also available online for purchase at Yes Style

International Website (Purchase here)
 Instagram (@ghostofharlem)

Featured Piece
"Tie Front Embroidered Lace Dress" in White by Ghost of Harlem 

This dress is available in 3 color ways-- White, Black, and Pink
The sizing for their brand is one size fits all.
It's a bit complicated as we all come in different shapes and sizes, 
but I'd estimate the sizing to fit XS-M. 
Fortunately, Yes Style provides measurements for all their items. 
Be sure to measure yourself accordingly if you're interested in purchasing.
The dress is quite loose on me, but not to the extent that it looks baggy when worn. 
It has adjustable/tightening strings and can also stretch a bit. 
The quality is amazing, and the dress itself is quite soft and comfortable to wear. 
I styled the look with a white harness, choker and wooden platforms. 
The dress speaks for itself, so there isn't much styling necessary when wearing this number. 
I added a few accessories for personal flair.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comments!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Stay With Me

It's officially break for me, guys!
I had fun (not really) counting down the weeks to this very moment. 
My finals went well, but it doesn't look like I'll be getting any more sleep than usual for a while. 
I'll be busy studying and working on my book as well as keeping up with my blogging schedule. 
As frightening and stressing as this term was, I'm so proud to have learned an amazing skill after taking a particular class. 
I can't wait for better food and some quality time with my friends. 
I've been "m.i.a" for about three months, and working on artwork in my studio can get really lonely. 
Not even my introverted self enjoys how lonely the nights can get.
I'll also be sure to follow your suggestions on some new things you'd like to see me blog!
I'm looking forward to to the next few months of work!

Look featuring Jewelry by celebrity designer, Susanna Galanis 

Outfit Details:

Plain white men's shirt 
Deandri Nancy Skirt in White 

Photos by Nicole Kim 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


1 more week to go!
I still have a lot of catching up to do, but it's do-able (i think). 
I can't wait to just sleep after finals and not have to worry about assignments.
I've decided to make a book during my term off and further my artist career.
Wow, it's hard to write a blurb when you're half asleep most of the time.
Signing off now!
Hopefully the next time I write will be when I'm on break!

Outfit featuring the Brave Tee by Long Clothing 

Styling tips 

Since this tee is on the edgier side, stick with a monochrome color scheme. 
Pair the tee off with black leggings and some combat boots and you'll be making a statement effortlessly. 
I'd also suggest wearing tights underneath to wear it as a dress (as I did) 
or to match it with some over the knee or knee high socks. The tee is unisex, so it fits like a women's large which makes it wearable as a dress if you're petite. 
The material is thin and comfy, made of good quality. 
You don't have to worry about the print coming off easily which is one of my pet peeves and main reasons why I try to avoid printed tees. (Fortunately, they did it right) 

Outfit Details 

Boyle Platform by Unif 
DIY Choker

Photos by Jae Lee

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Soul Searching

Still got 2 more weeks to go--
Everything feels so rushed all of a sudden. 
I'm thinking of making a book or a zine of some sort to showcase some of my artwork once the term is over. 
This week, my professor told us to "feel the heat"--everything's getting so serious. 
But what is life without competition and pressure, right?
I wish I could just melt away sometimes and escape from all the stress. 
My thoughts seem to be eating me up alive. 

Featured Pieces by Nasty Dress

Nasty Dress is an affordable fashion site with a lot of variety in style.
My favorite of the set I've styled is the silver ring set, only $4 dollars.

Outfit Details 

Pants by Nasty Gal
Relics Hat by Unif
Heels by Jeffrey Campbell 

Photos by Heidi Nguyen

Monday, March 30, 2015

Miss Guided

2 more weeks to go!
I'm falling behind schedule. 
Last week, I was completely back on track.
It's funny how a few days can make or break your schedule. 
I was terribly sick for those few days of no work.
I still don't understand how I've been able to work so hard for such long periods of time.
I plan on going ham this weekend and finishing everything--or as much as I can handle. 
Starting next week, I'll (hopefully) have more free time if this weekend goes as planned. 
I feel like I'm re-iterating my to-do list in mini essay from right now. 
Side note: I think I'm addicted to coffee now
No bueno, dudes.

Featured Piece 

This cape adds a formal cross edgy vibe to any outfit. 
It's comfortable and thin, so it's easy and simple to wear. 
It has no shoulder pads, so it doesn't give it too much of a business attire look. 

Outfit Details 

Strappy Heels by Jeffrey Campbell 
Vintage Lace Dress
Cat Ear Bowler Hat

Photos by Nicole Kim