Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I've always been self conscious of my forehead--the reason I've been rocking bangs for forever. It was mainly due to my uneven eyebrows... they've always been thick and hideous. A few brow waxes later, I began to think that I could live with them. I've had quite a journey with hair. I've been dyeing it since I was 7, and I was a red head in the 3rd grade. In the 4th grade, I had pink highlights put into my hair. My teacher told me to go home and dye it, because I was "turning into the spawn of the devil". Let's just elementary school was one of those christian teaching schools. We were banned from reading Harry Potter, and even from watching That's So Raven. I grew up thinking it was a sin to be jewish, and an even bigger sin to be gay. I don't think I ever visited once since I graduated because that school is kind of super ridiculous. But enough of my somewhat angry rant! I completely went off on a tangent. I tried out this hairstyle on a whim, and I'm kind of loving it. Comments/Thoughts?

Dress by Morph8ne
Fishnet Bodysuit by Noctex
Clear Belt Harness by Deandri
Sunglasses by Celeb Shades
Backpack by Tom Top
Scullys by Jeffrey Campbell

Photos by Gus Ramirez

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


When I was little, I remember my goals for the future as being ridiculous and unattainable, not to mention somewhat ridiculous and always changing. I used to want to be an olympic swimmer, a singer, a photographer, an actress, and a fashion designer. I never used to actually think these could be real career choices for me, or for most people. They all do seem somewhat out of reach. However, my choices in life so far have changed everything for me. I now know that you can do whatever you want to as long as you put effort into whatever it is. What I've been telling everyone: "You do you". And don't let anyone stop you.

Road Runner Crop Top by Nun Bangkok 
Nancy Skirt by Deandri
Scully by Jeffrey Campbell
Jewelry by Infinitine 

Photos by Rudy Martinez

Saturday, August 16, 2014


It's a habit of mine not to respond until I've finished thinking through whatever it is I have to respond to. It's that whole notion of thoughts and words mixing together, so much that it hinders me from speaking at times. Sometimes I don't realize how much I've blocked out--It's a little safety net for me, although it may rub off as ignorance or worse. I used to be so keen; I used to be aware of every little thing surrounding me. Truth be told, I'm living in my own little bubble. Let me live in it for just a little more.

Pygamy Top & Bottom by Nun Bangkok
Jacket by Kenzo
Harness Shoes by Feminine and Masculine 

Photos by Rudy Martinez