Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Spookii Halloween

What are your plans for this Halloween?
I'm planning on attending the Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. They're having this awesome "The Walking Dead" theme for the park this year. Let's just hope I don't break a limb trying to run away from the actors. I've never been the best at dressing up during Halloween. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've only owned three costumes intended for Halloween so far. If I recall correctly, the three costumes were TinkerBell, Dorothy Gale, and Little Red Riding Hood. All of the years in between, I either put vampire fangs in my mouth or drew whiskers on my face to make up for the lack of a costume. 

What I'm wearing: 
Oni Shirt, Choker, Earrings by Spookii 

This shirt is adorable and screams of "Harajuku Style".  I actually thought I was looking at a Japanese brand, but they're actually based in Indonesia. I'm wearing size XL because I prefer wearing t-shirts oversized like dresses. The jewelry they sent me is my favorite part. I can't get over the unique creepy cute laser cut out jewelry that they make. If you're into this, check out their instagram @spookiiland

Photos by Gus Ramirez

Monday, October 27, 2014


Here's an outfit you'll probably see me wearing more regularly. I love to be comfortable and not too intensely dressed nowadays. I'm styling my outfits to be minimal with a touch of "ooh" or in other words, a unique quality. 

I received this perfect velvet bustier/bralet from NYCT Clothing. I was surprised at how I didn't own something so simple already. This bustier is an outfit saver. You can wear this with anything and it'll look good. Dress it up, dress it down. The point is that it's such an essential thing for a girl to have. Excuse my bra popping out, but I apparently forgot to wear a black bra this day. This bustier also gives an ample amount of space for cleavage, yum. The quality is amazing, and it was super comfortable to wear. It doesn't give off that weird, slightly rubbery feeling you get from other velvet products. You'll probably see me wearing this a lot from now on!

Jacket from Mogustash
Tank Slapper Shorts by Nun Bangkok 
Velvet Bustier from NYCT Clothing 
Nirvana Boots by Jeffrey Campbell 

Photos by Gus Ramirez 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Blanc Sur Blanc

I'm currently obsessed with mesh, but who isn't? I remember having a black mesh jacket in the 6th grade and adults telling me I was wearing something way too risqué. As a result, that jacket ended up in the bin. I still miss it, and am still disappointed in my 6th grade self for letting someone else's thoughts get into my head. But how great is it that I got my hands on these amazing mesh pieces?! 
*Cameo(s) made by my puppy, Rocky.
He's a toy maltese, and he purrs like a cat.

"Jillian" Mesh Jacket by Fashion Bloggerrr
Lane Splitter Leggings by Nun Bangkok 
C.C Harness by Alien Moe
Sandals by Young Hungry Free 

Photos by Gus Ramirez