Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Space Between

If you follow me, you've probably noticed the lack of posts on all my social platforms. As written in my previous blog post, I was afraid my blogging would be slowed down by an immense amount of work due to college. However, I paid a visit to my doctor's for some pain and was told that I now have a virus, preventing me from attending school. This has also prevented me from going out, or for staying awake for long hours. It's like I'm tired all the time, and I can't even do anything about it. I can't shoot, I can't draw, I can't eat, I can't sleep, I can't stay awake. It's ridiculous, and I feel so lackadaisical that It's driving me crazy. Bear with me.

Assymetric dress by Style Moi
Plaid collar top by Deandri
Grail Platforms by Unif
Earrings by Mikukumi

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Perfect Shade

Top by Shade London
Garter shorts by Unif
Neo Boot by Unif

Photos by Gus Ramirez

Unfortunately, summer's coming to an end. It was my 20th birthday 2 days ago, and I hate that it's a reminder of the end of summer. It's strange not being a teen anymore--"I'm not a girl, not yet a woman"? It's now time to go back to school and continue onto my 3rd year of college. I've been focusing on blogging/modeling during my time off from school, so I'm rusty at my painting..and the main reason why I'm honestly frightened to go back. It's going to be hard balancing my intense school with work and blogging, but I just have to stay proactive.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


White Out.
After cleaning my closet out, I'm happy to say there's a good chunk of the color white now resting in my closet. I've been obsessed with white and with minimal. Funny thing, I for some reason started watching the show "Ugly Betty" on Netflix. Even though I disagree with their portrayal of the fashion world (whether they're trying to be satirical or not), I just can't stop watching. I think I stayed up until 5am last night because my eyes were glued to my computer screen. On a recent episode I watched, the "king" of minimal came to visit, and of course they made his Japanese seem so much more intense than it was--it was hilarious. I actually really wanted all of the stuff this "king" of minimal was wearing. It's too bad this guy doesn't actually exist. Not much else to tell or to say, so until next time!

Bralet - Top Shop 
Clear Studded Waist Belt - Creepy Yeha
Clear Pleated Skirt - Lip Service 
White Scully - Jeffrey Campbell 

Photos by Rudy Martinez