Friday, July 29, 2016

Alter Ego

I forgot how versatile wigs could be-- they can completely change your look. I wanted to try out something different from my peachy hair, so I went for a black to silver ombre wig. I feel like I'd have to wear a lot more black if I had this hair. Wigs are like playing dress up as your alter egos... Instead of going all out and dyeing your hair, a wig test could do the trick! If you're looking for a wig, I'd say to definitely find your style in a lace front wig. Lace fronts appear more natural (and comfortable) and don't usually cost extra. The only annoying thing about wigs are that they can get tangled easily, so remember to carry around your wig combs!

What I'm Wearing:

Sweety Futura Lace Front Wig by UNI Wigs
- Use my code "LB10" for 10% off your order

Symbols Shirt by Kill Star
White Tennis Skirt by American Apparel
Classic Superstars by Adidas

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Clearer Skin with Zapzyt

Oh bless the acne gods for helping me find one hell of a product: ZAPZYT.
For those of you who follow me for my beauty and skincare tips, you're in for a treat!
I was sent a box of Zapzyt goodies to test out and share with you all. Let's see how they worked?!

A little backstory on Zapzyt:
"Whether you call it acne, pimples, zits, or blemishes, we all have it."
Zapzyt is an acne targeting skincare line that offers safe, effective and economical solutions to combat your general or specific skin concerns. Their products contain acne fighting ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid-- these two in specific have seemed to help me combat my own blemishes over the years.

Let's talk acne. We all get it whether it's a random pimple out of the blue or an unnerving breakout. Ever since my first pimple appeared at 15 years old, I've been doing everything in my power to prevent breakouts. That's a little exaggerative on my part, but zits don't always go away on their own! I decided to try out my Zapzyt products at my most vulnerable time of the month. Yes girls, that infamous "time of the month" where our skin seems to break out and turn its back on us. I thought it'd be the perfect time to test out the magic, and to easily see and compare the results.

On my worst possible day of acne, I tried out Zapzyt's "Pore Clearing Scrub"

I'd say the most annoying part of taking care of my own skin would be maintaining a clear, blackhead-less face. Sometimes they're almost unavoidable, and those blackhead strips don't always work to their fullest. I tried it out the Pore Scrub, slapped on the "Pore Treatment Gel" on my problem areas, and slept on it. The next day was some sort of miracle. I honestly wasn't expecting much, especially after only one use. My redness and inflammation went down about half way, and my skin looked and felt cleaner. I was honestly feeling confused and weirded out-- how does this thing work?! I thought I'd give it another week to fully understand the results.

How I used the product:

Morning: Gentle Glycolic Rose Tea Wash by Klurskin
Aftercare: The Smim Toner by The Face Shop
Night: Acne Clearing Face Wash, Pore Scrub (every other night)
Aftercare: Zapzyt Gels every other day before bed

Final Words:

Zapzyt worked for me. I have sensitive, normal to dry skin, and I have small breakouts every once in a while. As the days went on, I saw better results. I haven't seen my skin this clear in months, and I kind of feel like a 'new me', as cheesy as that sounds. They say it takes 4 weeks of use to fully see results, so I'm looking forward to seeing clearer and brighter skin by then!!!

If you have sensitive skin like me, Zapzyt might be good for ya! The only sensitivity I had was due to a little dryness which a moisturizer can take care of. Just remember to keep your skin hydrated with creams, moisturizers, mists, etc to help with your blemishes. I also always remember to drink an ample amount of water everyday because it really, really helps. If any of you need skin advice from me, you can always DM me on the IG and I'll try to help you out the best I can!

If you'd like to go out and find out if Zapyzyt works for you, here is a list of retailers that carry Zapzyt!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Nobody Cares

It's that time of year-- It's summer! My, has the time gone by! I love to reflect on what I've accomplished this time of the year. Half a year has gone by already, and I believe its the perfect time to create new goals, look back on our new year's resolutions, and reset/get organized in order to maintain a productive rest of the year. The thought of this might result in a bit of dwelling, but its probably necessary in order for us to look past mistakes and grow from them. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

Some exciting news I have to share: I finally got a workspace/studio!
For some time now I had been yearning for a separate space of my own to take my blogging to the next level. I learned that time management and an incessant desire was my own personal key to making things come to life. I'm so excited to share the place with you guys!

On a fashion note:

This week's outfit was inspired by minimal and retro vibes. I've been obsessed with turtlenecks since last year, and they've come a long way as high neck collars and mock necks have been all the rage. One thing that will never change-- my love for the color, black. It goes with everything! :)

About the brand:


Styled: Adelaide Crop Top & Suit Up Shift Dress

See more of their super cute gear here:
  Sequin Dresses - Body Suits - Cocktail Dresses - Prom Dresses - Party Dresses - Body Con Dresses - Midi + Maxi Dresses

Attention to Details:

Black Perspex Heels - Public Desire
Nobody Cares Bag - Kill Star Co
Basic Beanie

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Life is a Joke

There are two types of people the world: Those who take life too seriously, and those who see things from a different perspective. In short, don't be too life to the fullest. We all tend to focus on the bad which is not all bad-- we do this to give ourselves room for improvement and the motivation to reach our goals. But it isn't too hard to give ourselves room to breathe and the time off to play a little, even if that may mean just one day of lazing around in bed (Netflix included, of course). In some ways life IS a joke. This is a friendly reminder to let loose from time to time. We all need it!

A little about the brand(s):

If you're an avid online shopper, you've definitely heard of Shop Tobi before. It's an online shopping haven for us fashionistas! From girly to edgy, they've got it all-- and for an affordable price. My favorite lookbook from them so far is the "Adult School" collection. I'd say its right up my alley when it comes to how I dress IRL. If you haven't heard of them, you're missing out AKA go check them out right now!

Styled: Straight A Skater Dress

I'm absolutely in love with this one piece! The 'top' is an attachment to the dress, and gives off a monochrome panel effect-- formal yet flirty.

See more the good stuff here: Dresses l Crop Tops l Rompers l Jumpsuits l Skirts l Cardigans
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Eleven Paris is a french brand that incorporates streetwear and high street with humour, pop culture, and rock references. Let's just say that their brand concept is hard to describe, in a great way. I can't get enough of their leather pieces, especially the "Life is a Joke" moto vest.

Styled:  Shelby W Faux Leather Vest

Attention to Details:

Bad Girl Socks by Dimpiece LA
Maynard Platforms by Jeffrey Campbell
Shelly Watch by Daniel Wellington - Use my code "ESSYNOIR" for 15% off until May 15
Desert Warrior Midi Ring by Shop Dixi

Monday, May 9, 2016

Moé Moé

Come at me, spring!
Random thought: why aren't seasons capitalized? Spring is in the air, and the coachella babes are ready to rise out of their graves. I've been on team #nochella AKA I can never afford the tickets. I'd love to experience it, but as for now its work work work work work work.

I've been into pastels lately (it being spring and all) so I decided to style a baby blue look. What complements baby blue? I thought white would be perfect to create a fun, cutesy coordinate! Luckily, I had these adorable baby doll heels in sky blue to match with my vintage Nike skirt. Remember that less is more, and that one statement piece (in this case, the swan harness) can really bring out your outfit!

A little about the brands:

Alien Moé is a hand crafted harness and accessory brand based in Austria. It's an honor to be working with Alien Moé for a second time! The designer, Michelle, is constantly creating new things to bring to her shop-- she currently has a red themed harness collection that I am drooling over! I love how versatile her designs are, and how they're easy to wear. I usually wear her harnesses under a jumpsuit or romper, giving a little peek-a-boo to a look. Her designs are made of a soft, stretchy material which makes them wonderfully comfortable unlike most leather or spandex material harnesses. If you're a fan of the look, go give her shop some love!

22 Shoes is a recently opened online shopping destination for shoes. 
Their current selection is great to either dress up, or dress down your coordinate. 
"We believe good shoes will take you to great places"
--Use my code "22ESSY" for 22%off your order--

What I'm Wearing: 

White Swan Harness by Alien Moé
Omocha Choker by Alien Moé
Acid Heels by Two Two Shoes