Saturday, May 16, 2015

Matte Black

Hello, Lovelies!
I'm not quite sure why, but it seems like it's been a while since I've posted.
Life after finals has proven to be even busier than what I had assumed it to be. 
I've decided on starting a YouTube, and will need some suggestions on what you'd like to watch. 
I have a huge list of to-do's for this coming summer, and I can't wait to share them with you all!
Here's one fun and random thing on my list: Learn American Sign Language (ASL)

- Featured Piece -

These creepers feature a unique design based on shark gills. 
They're the perfect black/white combo and are edgy yet minimal in design. 
They can go with almost any color scheme, and are my go-to pair of shoes. 

 - Outfit Details -

Collar Bib by Deandri 
Collar Harness by Deandri
Sweater by Asilio 
Wide Pant Culottes by Miss Guided 

Photos by Ryan Chua 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Lens Village Review - Fairy 1 day Natural Black Lenses

I'm reviewing the Fairy 1 day Natural Black Lenses from Lens Village. 
I'd highly suggest ordering from Lens Village. 
They have a variety of lenses, and offer quick and cheap shipping via FedEx. 

Theses lenses are a 1 day lens, which is perfect if you're new to circle lenses. 
If you're worried you might look alien-ish, these would be a good lens to start off with. 
Because they're 1 day, they are disposable and easy to wear. 
They're extremely comfortable and have caused me zero irritation. 
They aren't very enlarging, but enhance the natural contours of your eye's limbus.
Since everyone's eyes are different,
 it might be hard to judge how big these lenses would look on other people. 
For me, these lenses are about as big as my natural irises. 
Although they're about the same size, they do give my eyes a bolder look. 
I love them because they are so natural looking. 
They are the perfect eye-enhancing pick me up with a natural feel. 
I would highly suggest these for everyday wear. 
I know I'll be wearing these everyday for a while!

Comfort 10/10
(No irritation, doesn't feel like anything)
Enlargement 1/10 
(Not much enlargement for a natural look)
Design/Color 10/10 
(Natural blending design)

The design of these lenses blend in very well with my eyes. 
My eyes are naturally brown, and the lenses allow my brown to fade into the black. 
I'd more likely suggest this color to darker eye colors like my own. 

Buy them here: 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Jet Black - Ghost of Harlem x Essy Noir

Here's my round 2 for my collaboration with Japanese Brand, Ghost of Harlem!
This look shows the more goth/punk side of the brand in comparison to my 1st look with them. 
I love the details of their clothes as you can see in the detail shots of both the top and leggings. 
The cross chain choker is connected to the tank top, which brings an edge to such a simple top. 
The leggings have a gap with hanging garter-like accessories which is a great added flair. 
Because of these detail points, accessorizing was not necessary for this look. 
I paired the look off with some platform heels to emphasize edginess. 

Featured Pieces

Cut Out Belted Leggings by Ghost of Harlem

Belted Chain Accent Camisole by Ghost of Harlem

Ghost of Harlem Instagram ( @GhostofHarlem)

Sizing Tips

All measurements of the products are listed in the links provided. 
In my first blog post with Ghost of Harlem, I estimated the sizing of their brand to be XS-M. 
The top I am wearing would definitely fit anyone in that size range. 
The leggings are quite baggy on me-- my pant size is 23/00. 
I'd say the leggings would fit up to a size 26. 
They also have some stretch to them! 
Both pieces are made of comfortable, moveable material to let your skin breathe. 

Any other questions you have, I'll be happy to answer! 

Salem Boot by Unif 

Photos by Daniel Hyon

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

To my dismay

Featured Pieces

Jewelry by Susanna Galanis 
F15 "Persephone" Collection

These necklaces are divine, much like their design concept. 
Crafted after Persephone, the goddess of the underworld,
 SG's new collection couldn't be more perfect for me. 
Follow SG on Instagram - @SusannaGalanis

Split Personality Pants in Grey by Young Hungry Free 

These pants are super comfy and lightweight, perfect for Spring and Summer. 
If it gets hot, the leg split will give you a breezy/stylin duo. 
Short girls, beware! These pants will drag on the floor without some lift. 
The quality is great, and the same goes for all their products.
Live young, hungry, and free!
Instagram - @YoungHungryFree

Outfit Details 

Cher Top by Unif 
White Hansel Platforms by Deandri 

It's only been a week since break has started and I'm already sick!
I guess I saw this coming. I was wondering how on earth I didn't get super ill during term. 
Thankyou body, for not breaking down on me when I needed you the most. 
AKA- Thanks for waiting until after finals to break down on me. 
I have so much planned for my break, but I'll catch up on that once I'm better. 
Thinking: Youtube
Thoughts: Yay or Nay?

On another note--
I've been having the most radical dreams lately.
I think it's this cold getting to my head. 
I'm delirious while I'm awake AND while I'm in dream mode. 
Long story short: I beat up some dude in my dream last night. 
I'm a tough cookie. 

Until next time!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ghost of Harlem x Essy Noir

I've been trying to follow everyone's suggestions for new things you'd like to see me blog. 
I can happily cross one thing off the list, as I am currently collaborating with Japanese Gyaru brand, Ghost of Harlem. 
Ghost of Harlem is located in Shibuya, Tokyo. 
Their style concept is that of a punk/goth vibe with girly elements. 
If you're in Los Angeles, their line is coming to the boutique, Xenon in Little Tokyo. 
Ghost of Harlem is also available online for purchase at Yes Style

International Website (Purchase here)
 Instagram (@ghostofharlem)

Featured Piece
"Tie Front Embroidered Lace Dress" in White by Ghost of Harlem 

This dress is available in 3 color ways-- White, Black, and Pink
The sizing for their brand is one size fits all.
It's a bit complicated as we all come in different shapes and sizes, 
but I'd estimate the sizing to fit XS-M. 
Fortunately, Yes Style provides measurements for all their items. 
Be sure to measure yourself accordingly if you're interested in purchasing.
The dress is quite loose on me, but not to the extent that it looks baggy when worn. 
It has adjustable/tightening strings and can also stretch a bit. 
The quality is amazing, and the dress itself is quite soft and comfortable to wear. 
I styled the look with a white harness, choker and wooden platforms. 
The dress speaks for itself, so there isn't much styling necessary when wearing this number. 
I added a few accessories for personal flair.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comments!