Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Noir x Grey

3 more weeks to go!
The sleep cycle has been getting worse and worse. 
That being said, my artwork has been improving (I think), yay! 
I feel as though I've been focusing so much more on blogging, so this term has been a little odd. 
I'm so excited to share my new collabs, as well as a few giveaways coming your way!
It's time for a new approach to blogging--Hair tutorials, makeup tutorials, styling tips, and the like. 
Thankyou all for being so supportive, it means so much to me. 

I collaborated with Gina Grey in this recent photoshoot photographed by John Garduno. 

Outfit Details 

Black cage suspender dress / White cage suspender dress - Style Raiders & One Spo 
Cream Granny Sunglasses / Black Granny Sunglasses - Wildfox Couture

Photos by John Garduno 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Existential Fantasy

Here comes the weird--
I've been experimenting with my shoots lately. 
There's always something I want more of, and that tends to be the all the weird stuff. 
Well, 4 more weeks to go!
Ive been sick, and its honestly been really hard to keep it. 
I wish I had a time turner to catch up on life.
Sometimes I pray for magic to be real, then I realize I sound crazy. 
Well, time to go back to work!

Outfit Details

Collared Crop Top by Style Moi
Bones Tribe Panel Shorts by Skingraft Designs
Boyle Platform by Unif 
Necklace by Rocks Box 

Photos by Ryan Kim

Friday, March 13, 2015


I guess my body's stressed out from no sleep because I haven't been waking up to any of my alarms this week. I've overslept 2 days in a row--a surprising 20 hours of sleep. How does that even happen?
To be honest, it happens to me a lot. Maybe it has something to do with genetics, because my mom used to sleep as much as this when I was younger. I remember not hearing from her in 2 days and I thought she'd passed away in her sleep or something. I ran to her room and shook her as hard as I could, and all she did was yawn and say she was still sleeping. 
Nutty, huh?
Well, I just hope I can wake up at a regular hour from now on because I still have a lot of work to do. 
I'm a little scared for my health right now...
but I'll make it through. 

Featured Piece: White Creepers by TUK Shoes
I've been a long time fan of TUK--since I was 13 to be exact.
I remember my first pair of creepers were from Hot Topic (lol). I was that one weird goth kid at school. A lot of people used to make fun of me for wearing creepers, and when I told them they were called "creepers", they'd laugh and be like "what?". A few years later and they're in Nylon and now they're just a normal thing to wear. What is life. 

Outfit Details: 

White Pygamy Top & Shorts by Nün Bangkok
(use my code "ESSY10" for 10%off sitewide) 
Suspender Harness by Deandri 
DIY Choker 

Photos by Nicole Kim

Monday, March 9, 2015


5 more weeks to go!
Get used to the countdown, because I'm getting excited.
The workload is getting way more intense, but time is somehow flying by. 
By flying by, I mean that I can't keep track of the days anymore. 
Yesterday felt like last week, and I've caught myself wondering how it became Monday already. 
I'm sick and tired of instant noodles--someone buy me a steak!

I know what you're all thinking--COLOR?! 
You guys know I don't wear much of it, but this dress is making me love the color purple. 
I'd describe Pray For Paris as a streetwear brand. 
This limited edition dress includes feminine elements as well as edgy elements to complement its "street" components. 
I love the simplicity of the collar/shoulder area. 
I coordinated the dress with a fishnet bodysuit to fit my personal style. 
The quality is amazing! I'm wearing the smallest size available.

Outfit details 

Fishnet Bodysuit by Noctex
Boyle Platform by Unif 

Photos by Nicole Kim 

Thursday, March 5, 2015


And the countdown begins! 6 weeks until term is over. 
I have so many things to look forward to during break and I'm so excited to share them with ya'll.
I decided today that I will treat myself to a professional massage once I'm finished with my finals. 
(I've actually surpisingly never had a massage before.)

I also have a few giveaways lined up for you dolls. 
Read below on how to win a pair of leggings! 

Outfit Details

Featured Piece-- Anatomical Leggings by MitMunk 
Enter my instagram giveaway to win a pair of Mit Mink leggings!
1. repost my photo on instagram @essynoir
2. Include #essymitmunk in the caption so we can track your entry
3. Enter your email at before March 7th

Top by Nün Bangkok
Blazer by Gucci
Scully Heels in White by Jeffrey Campbell
Shoe Garters by Bettie Fatal 

Photos by Ryan Kim 

Friday, February 27, 2015

So Long

Midterms are over! 
It's been a stressful 7 weeks of incessant work, but I'm really glad I got through it. 
7 more weeks to go! It's going to be twice as intense as the first half of the semester, but my break afterwards will be so worth the struggle. 
I'm still deciding on which path to take in my oncoming career. 
I'm definitely having something like an almost quarter life crisis at the moment. 
I don't even have time to watch Netflix in bed anymore, and in my head I'm thinking: "Is this what my life is going to be like?" 
It's a bit of a premature thought to have, but I just get overly obsessed with my work that it's sort of become a lifestyle habit. 
Give me some time off, pleeeaaaase! 

Outfit Details 

Featured Piece: Clip Pants in White by Long Clothing 
These pants are everything. They're my absolute favorite pair of pants in my wardrobe. 
They're so unique and complement my style completely. 
They're both minimal and intricate in style and they're white-- I feel like these pants were made for me! 
These pants incorporate buckles that attach to a fanny pack and an apron. 
You can move the pieces to the front or the back of the pants, or you can take them off completely because they are detachable. 
The quality is amazeballs (did I just use that word?) and I won't be taking these off anytime soon.

Collared Crop Top by Miss Guided
Clear Collness Harness by Deandri
Bull Cap in White by OS Accessories 
Boyle Platform by Unif 

Photos by Nicole Kim