Friday, February 27, 2015

So Long

Midterms are over! 
It's been a stressful 7 weeks of incessant work, but I'm really glad I got through it. 
7 more weeks to go! It's going to be twice as intense as the first half of the semester, but my break afterwards will be so worth the struggle. 
I'm still deciding on which path to take in my oncoming career. 
I'm definitely having something like an almost quarter life crisis at the moment. 
I don't even have time to watch Netflix in bed anymore, and in my head I'm thinking: "Is this what my life is going to be like?" 
It's a bit of a premature thought to have, but I just get overly obsessed with my work that it's sort of become a lifestyle habit. 
Give me some time off, pleeeaaaase! 

Outfit Details 

Featured Piece: Clip Pants in White by Long Clothing 
These pants are everything. They're my absolute favorite pair of pants in my wardrobe. 
They're so unique and complement my style completely. 
They're both minimal and intricate in style and they're white-- I feel like these pants were made for me! 
These pants incorporate buckles that attach to a fanny pack and an apron. 
You can move the pieces to the front or the back of the pants, or you can take them off completely because they are detachable. 
The quality is amazeballs (did I just use that word?) and I won't be taking these off anytime soon.

Collared Crop Top by Miss Guided
Clear Collness Harness by Deandri
Bull Cap in White by OS Accessories 
Boyle Platform by Unif 

Photos by Nicole Kim 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Guilty Pleasure

The second I put this outfit on, I thought "witch". 
This reminded me of Supernatural, the show I've been obsessed with watching lately.
I don't really understand my obsession with these types of shows, but I get really hooked on anything with some type of supernatural creature involved. 
That being said, you might assume I'm a major Harry Potter or Twilight fan..
But you guessed wrong. Muahaha!
I watch a lot of Vampire Diaries and Supernatural at the moment but not much else. 
To be frank, all of my other shows got cancelled. 
I guess there aren't a lot of people who enjoy this kind of stuff, eh?

Outfit Details: 

--Featured piece of this look--
Lila Dress by Klasik

The Lila Dress is a simple black, chiffon dress with a touch of romanticism.
The sleeves are widened which I love.
It gives the dress a boho cross witch vibe.
 The back has a body chain detail which makes it truly unique. 
It is super comfortable to wear and the back surprisingly does not get tangled easily. 

Relics Hat by Unif
Rings by Style Moi
Granny Sunglasses by WildFox Couture

Photos and Hair by Nicole Kim

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Midterms are coming up--too soon!
I've had no proper sleep for the past 6 weeks and it's driving me insane. 
I'm still debating on whether or not to post my artwork online... 
I've been eating lots of instant ramen and Jack in the Box.
Someone buy me real food!

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This will be the last time I'll be promoting this code. 
However, the code will still be active and shouldn't expire. 

Outfit details: 

Collared Crop Top by Style Moi
Collar Harness by Deandri
Permafrost pants by Nün Bangkok
Boyle Platform by Unif 
Viking Cap by Thingmade

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


It feels like it's been ages since I posted something on my blog.
It's school's fault/life's fault--I got 15 hours of homework per class and I'm struggling to get by. 
I've been a bit down in the dumps recently. 
I've been noticing this day by day, as a lot of negativity has been clouding my judgement. 
It's two months too late, but my new years resolution is to think positively and to stop being such a negative Nancy. That being said, I haven't had much time to shoot around because I'm so focused on school at the moment. I need to earn back that year I took off with blood, sweat and tears. 
I've always been hard on myself in these kinds of situations.
It's a blessing, but it also messes with my head a lot of the time. 
As for my Instagram, I hope you've enjoyed seeing more of my daily life. 
I've been taking nothing but photos of food, so now you guys get to see the true fatass in me. 
I'll be taking more suggestions for blog posts soon!
It's great to hear from you guys. 
Until next time--

Outfit Details 
Grid Dress by Style Moi
Moto Jacket by Style Moi 
O Ring Necklace by Miss Guided
Granny Shades by Wildfox Couture
Boyle Platform by Unif 

Photos by Jae Lee

Sunday, January 25, 2015

What's In My Bag?

Have you ever wondered what goes in what bag? I sure have. 
I received 3 different styles of bags from Medusa Brand and I'm here to show you some ideas for your stash.  
Remember that you want to minimize clutter.
This might mean not leaving your receipts to die in the bottom of your purse, the same goes for loose change. But the most important thing to keep in mind is that "less is more".  Bring what you need and choose wisely. Ditch the messy, bottomless purses and grab something chic/unique. 
I've organized a few ideas of what I would [honestly] carry around in these bags.
Here goes something--

Clutches are my new current [bag] obsession. I actually used to see no point in owning one because they can be troublesome especially if you’re forgetful like me. I lose things all the time--every time I leave a restaurant, someone is running out the door, trying to hand me something I've left behind. I've learned to drop that habit and have become more aware of my surroundings. If you’re prone to leaving things behind, a clutch might not be for you. However, they are the perfect bag to minimize bulk that you’re carrying. They’re simple, minimal and you can never lose anything in them. 
They're straight to the point. 

This clutch is pretty small, but it has all the space you need for a simple night out. 
If you have a bigger bag, you can also use this clutch to store something small such as makeup.
What's inside mine: ID/Card Holder, Vape, Vape Juice 
This would be perfect for any quick get together at a cafe or maybe a night out at the club.  
This clutch is ideal if you usually don't carry around cash. Use a cardholder to carry your ID and credit card(s). If you need some cash, try a money clip. 

Clear bags have been trending for quite some time now. While they’re nice to look at, it’s hard to choose what you’d want to stash in one as it will be visible to the world. Clear bags are definitely more for show than for function, but they can be practical if you're smart about it. 
What’s in mine: Cigarettes, Cell Phone, Lip Stain, Eye Drops 
The good thing about a clear clutch is that your clutter is already minimized due to the bag being a small size. There’s not much you can fit into it, so it won’t ever look messy—not unless you try really hard. Just make sure you don’t have money spilling out inside of it or anything you don’t want people to see. 

You’re blessed if you can find a bigger sized clutch. You can fit a lot more into it while (still) minimizing clutter and bulk. The envelope clutch is a fairly large clutch. It fits the perfect amount to get me around for an entire day. 
What’s in mine: Wallet, 3DS, Phone Charger, Makeup Essentials (Eyeliner, Lipstick)
Because bigger clutches can fit more, they’re much more practical to carry around for an entire day. 
I carry around this particular clutch almost every day because it’s the perfect size and also because it is so stunning. 

If you want to go the classic route, cross body bags are probably your thing. They’re stylish classics and aren’t as much of a hassle as a handbag or clutch. They're comfortable enough to wear daily, also almost impossible to steal from. 

This bag holds a lot more than it seems which is great. It’s also comfortable on the shoulders and is made out of a soft, leather like material. You probably don’t want any loose change rolling around in it, though as it has no zipper to hold everything in. 
What’s in mine: Wallet, Makeup Bag, Hand Sanitizer, Cell Phone
Yes, all of this stuff fits in this seemingly tiny bag and that's pretty amazing. This bag is good for girls (or boys) who need a little extra space in their bag to store something else.

Backpacks are probably my favorite type of bag. They’re practical, can fit a lot even if small in size, and won’t be a hassle to lug around. I used to carry purses a lot, especially in high school. I’d get giant tote bags and try to fit all my heavy books inside. I eventually ruined my right shoulder carrying all my books on one side for so many years. This is only one of the reasons I love backpacks so much. You can carry the weight of your stuff on both shoulders without straining them, and they’re just comfortable to carry around. 

The poly backpack is like a laptop bag crossed with a satchel. It’s suited for function and style which I love, especially since I can fit my laptop in there with some extra space for some other things. 
 It would also be great for school as it will be able to fit a few textbooks in it. 
What’s in mine: Laptop, Headphones, 3DS, Games
I use this backpack for most of my electronics. It’s not too big, so it can’t get bulky. I can wear it around without looking like a hunch back. There are a few pockets inside of the bag that can hold some essentials. I usually pack eyedrops, makeup, vape, and keys inside of the hidden pockets.

That concludes my “What’s in my bag(s)” post! 
I’ve enjoyed going into more detail than I usually do. 
It's been fun and interesting doing something a little different.
I'm trying not to be all moody in my single paragraph writings, so here's how I'm making it up to you.
Please let me know if you enjoyed this post, and if you have any other ideas of what I can write about. 
Please comment some suggestions! I would be so grateful for your input.

I want to take a moment to praise the brand that sent me these bags.
These are some of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen, probably the best that I own.
They're high quality, sturdy and are so unique in their aesthetic.
I honestly think they're 100% worth the price. 
Be sure to check out Medusa and their unique bags. 
They ship worldwide all the way from Tel Aviv!