Thursday, June 25, 2015

Candy Cane

It's the last week of June already. 
Time flies by so fast--I wish I had the power to freeze it so I can get some decent sleep.
I've been sleeping a lot less and working a lot more. 
I hope all this stress doesn't catch up to me...I'm a grandma already according to my hair. 
I have another update for ya'll! 
I made a Snapchat: essynoir 
Follow me for behind the scenes and other shenanigans!
My ASL hasn't improved much...I've been too busy to sit down and take the time to learn.
My hand muscles also can't catch signs as fast as others. 
It's such a beautiful language, I'll be so proud when I become conversational. 
How's the weather where you live?
It's sweltering here in Los Angeles.
I can't seem to sleep without the AC on. 
I'm also avoiding the sun like crazy; I don't need no sunburn!

Until next time~

Featured Piece

Alice's Pig is a UK based brand that has a retro/vintage fashion concept. 
Their designs are refreshing, something completely different from disposable fast fashion. 
The sailor dress I styled is both cute and minimal. 
It's comfortable to wear and the quality is superb. 
I feel like I belong in an 80's popcorn ad! 

Outfit Details

Vintage Cardigan
Bel Air Sunglasses by Wildfox Couture
Luna Choker by Valfre
Scully Heels by Jeffrey Campbell

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sushi Dreams

I finally started a Youtube!
 I've already uploaded an awkward video but at least its something! 
You can see my channel by clicking the link "Youtube" on the navi bar on top of my blog.
I'm looking forward to Anime Expo and will finally be cosplaying. 
It might not be immaculate but I'm just doing it for fun. 
I might tone it down with the color for a while...
However, its been fun experimenting with so much of it. 
I've been studying some more ASL, but I'm not conversational quite yet. 
As of now, I know a bunch of random and basic words as well as basic phrases. 
Going back to the Youtube thing, I'd love to create an introduction video for you guys!
If you could maybe ask me a few questions, like a mini faq, that would be so helpful. 
Excited to join a new platform!
Until next time~

Featured Piece

Minga London is an online based clothing store that mainly sells graphic and print clothing. 
Their designs are loud and spunky as you might already be able to tell from my outfit. 
This set is super cute and funky--just don't wear it to a sushi restaurant (or do?)
This set is a one size fits all, meaning S,M,L
It does stretch quite a lot, and the fabric is meant to be stretched without ripping. 
It's super soft and comfortable to wear-- a win/win!

Outfit Details

Scully Heels in White by Jeffrey Campbell via Nasty Gal
Vintage Cardigan from Pop Killer Second 

Sunday, June 7, 2015


Hey Ya'll!
How have the first few days of June been for everyone?
For me, it's been hard to stay pale when the sun has been beaming down on me. 
But that's not anything I can't handle as I do deal with it year round living in LA, haha.
I've been so lazy for the past 2 weeks--I gotta hit the drawing board and sketch up some new stuff. 
I'm also planning on renovating my art studio into a photo studio...
to bring you guys some rad beauty/makeup tutorials (and to hopefully start my youtube soon)!
I've actually been cleaning my room every chance I can get.
In fact, I'll probably resume after I'm done writing this post!
I just keep finding clutter everywhere I look-- very tiring for the neat freak inside of me.
It's hard being proactive and doing a million things all at once. 
How do you deal?!

Featured Piece

Mario Bomber by French Designer, Cécile "The Japan Hime"

Outfit Details

Dress by Morph8ne
Garters by Bettie Fatal 
Luna Choker by Valfre
Faux Sure Mule Heels by YRU

Photos by JWNY

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Yellow Tales

Summer is finally settling in!
I'm excited, but not exactly looking forward to spending all my money on AC bills. 
I need to start working out a little or something to bring back the bikini pixxx.
Isn't that everyone's goal this summer?--haha!
I've been a bit "ocd" lately with my entire life and it hasn't been fun. 
But what's not to love about some organization? (I feel like a freak)
There have also been a whole lot of changes in my life this month, 
but I'll share that with you another time. 
Happy June!

Featured Piece

Rilakkuma Bomber by French Designer, Cécile "Japan Hime"

Outfit Details 

White Top by Boo Hoo
Nancy Skirt by Deandri
Scully in White by Jeffrey Campbell 

Photos by Ryan Chua 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Love me like you do

I'm finally getting used to wearing some color. 
Is this insane or what?
It's ridiculous, but I'm actually really proud of myself haha. 
If I had a favorite color (other than black and white), it would be red. 
Red is so alluring and bold, and that's what I hope my personality shines off as. 
I've finally recovered from my awful cold!
I'm excited to get more into my blog, and to bring ya'll some new things.
Let me know what you think of the new color in my wardrobe!

Side Note:
I just finished watching The Fault in Our Stars.
My friend told me I was going to cry, 
but I didn't think I would be bawling throughout the entire film.
I can you not? 
Maybe I'm just a sap.

Featured Piece

Red Two Piece Bandage Dress by AMI Clubwear 

Outfit Details

Heels by Jeffrey Campbell 
Granny Sunglasses by Wildfox Couture

Photos by Jiwon Lim

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Matte Black

Hello, Lovelies!
I'm not quite sure why, but it seems like it's been a while since I've posted.
Life after finals has proven to be even busier than what I had assumed it to be. 
I've decided on starting a YouTube, and will need some suggestions on what you'd like to watch. 
I have a huge list of to-do's for this coming summer, and I can't wait to share them with you all!
Here's one fun and random thing on my list: Learn American Sign Language (ASL)

- Featured Piece -

These creepers feature a unique design based on shark gills. 
They're the perfect black/white combo and are edgy yet minimal in design. 
They can go with almost any color scheme, and are my go-to pair of shoes. 

 - Outfit Details -

Collar Bib by Deandri 
Collar Harness by Deandri
Sweater by Asilio 
Wide Pant Culottes by Miss Guided 

Photos by Ryan Chua